A New Chapter to the Story... / by Tom Kise

I have spent the last decade of my career helping to tell stories.   My story telling has helped larger than life politicians tell their stories to mass audien ces. 

The power of a good story allowed me to do my part to give abused children a path to tell their stories, without the paralyzing fear of coming face to face with their abuser.   

To give business the time they needed to be more environmentally conscious, and push the 2012 GOP candidates for President to publicly state they favored infrastructure investment.  

During this time I have gotten married and had two fantastic and wonderful sons.   

But like so many others during this time, not all has come up roses.  As a family we have stared down cancer.  We have faced stints of un and under employment.   But we have grown stronger for it.  

During those dark times I often turned my attention to a long held passion for taking pictures and photography as a way of making it through, and finding the good in everyday life.  

Over past two years I have seen those skills develop to the point where I am now comfortable sharing my work and efforts with more than just my family and friends.  This website is the public face of that desire.  

As I branch out and add my photography to my story telling, I will strive to find moments in everyday life that others can share with their family and friends.  

If you are interested in setting up a time to capture your families story please contact me. Kise.Tom@gmail.com

Also please share this site with anyone you think might be interested.