Types of Services


Corporate Portraits

Coming from a corporate and political background, I understand how important getting the right shot is for you and your business. I work with each client in advance of a shoot to find out what message they are trying to convey and how do they plan on using the images. From there I develop a custom budget and pre-production plan for each shoot based on your needs

This can range anywhere from a quick outdoor LinkedIn Mini session; bringing the studio to you including lights, backdrops, makeup .etc; or setting up a time for you to visit one the studios I rent in the DC Metro area. 

Each has its own costs and benefits to find out what makes the most sense for you, please contact me and let's make it happen.


Personal Portraits

Personal portraits are not for your LinkedIn profile or work appropriate. These are images are more expressive and strive to tell more about who you are beyond work. For me, these are best shared amongst friends and on social platforms like Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, and Match, etc.

Like all of my shoots, I work with my clients ahead of time to plan out what we are going to do to tell their story. Sometimes this means we have the wardrobe, set, props, and lighting scheme planed out ahead of time. Other times it is more organic we have a basic outline line of wardrobe, time of day and area we want to explore, and we work with it. Both approaches result in a good time and great images. 

Because there are so many variables that can go into the cost of a session I have no set fee. I work with each client to find a budget that meets their needs. To learn more and see what ideas we can come up with contact me and let's see what we can create.


Familes and Kids

Taking pictures of families and kids is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a photographer. When you get the shot you know, it will be cherished forever. I like to tell moms and dads before a shoot that we are entering a no judgment zone. As the father of two active boys, our life is often a hot mess, and that is OK. A picture only takes an instant, and together we will find your kids instant where they look great! Along the way, I am sure we will get more than a few that are a hot mess as well, but you don't have to share those. 

I have three things I like to tell every family before a shoot:

  1. We have the time. We are on kid time it is going to take as long as it's going to take. I like to allow enough time to so that no one is feeling rushed during a shoot.
  2. Have Fun. In fact, I give yo 'permission" to have fun - be silly. Your kids will feed on your energy; it will show through in the pictures. So embrace the silly and the chaos!
  3. It is Digital. Remember we are taking digital pictures we will take as many as we need to take to get your shot. I have lots of memory cards so no need to stress.

Like all of my sessions, I work with each family to determine the look and feel of a shoot ahead of time. Sometimes there is a special place the family has in mind; other times they look to me for what I think is best. Whatever the case the goal is to get great pictures and have fun doing it.

Family sessions can vary in price depending location, the timing of the shoot, size of the family, etc. To learn more and develop a plan to capture your family's next cherished instant contact me and let's make a memory. 


Kids Sports

I simply love taking pictures of kids sports - the emotions on their faces are just so pure. From the joy of getting a hit to agony just missing the goal they are committed to it, and they are loving it. Well, most the time - sometimes they are picking daisies in left field, but hey they are still having fun! 

With kids sports, my goal is to make each kid look like they are in the pros. I get low and get dirty and show your kid as the fierce competitor they are!

One of my favorite things to do is set up a remote camera for baseball I like to put it up on the back stop for soccer or other large field sports (i.e., field hockey, football, rugby, etc.) down at one goals or end zones. This way I can cover more field at once and get a perspective that you typically would not see in kids sports.

Individual pricing varies depending on the type of sport, length of the game, and location. Team discounts are also available so contact me and let's make your kid(s) look like an All Star!



My objective with event photography is to tell the story and capture the moments of your event. Whether it is a 300-400 person gala or an intimate birthday party, I approach it the same way and have the same two bottom line of objectives: to get you great images and make your life less stressful. 

To do that I work with each client before an event to review what their goals are, is there a shot list of must have shots, what is the schedule, etc. When possible, I like to walk through the event space in advance to get an idea of what equipment would best serve your needs.  Based on this information I develop a custom budget and plan for each event. 

To find out more contact me and we can check finding a photographer for your next event off your to-do list.