Back To School And A New Website by Tom Kise

In the spirit of a new school year, I decided to overhaul my entire website - New Look, New Pictures, Same Great Pictures.

Even if you have seen the site before take a look around, there are lots of new images and galleries to see.

With the new site, I am offering will also be offering some specials! You can find out more about those on the new specials page here

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Story Telling And Selling Ideas Through Pictures by Tom Kise

The importance of generating engageing online content has never been more important to connecting with constituents and stakeholders. According to a recent report by Webdam, "posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than regular text posts.“

The report goes on to address the importance of the image quality as well in stating you should ”Make’em Polished… It takes less than 50 milliseconds to form a first impression.“


Having at hand a blend of high-quality images and spur of the moment cell phone photos will help to drive overall engagement and cement brand consistency with your audiences.

One way to do this is to build your own “personal” reservoir of professional stock images. These are not stock images per-say, but images you have commissioned that feature your member, client or issue that tell your overall narrative and are consistent with your branding.

Images that you can drop into newsletters, social media, or videos as needed. By having these at the ready you will always be in a position to generate engaging content regardless of your deadline.

$200 Off-Year Summer Special: June - August Recess

Whats Included:

  • As needed pre-shoot consults with staff. I feel this is important because it's here where we can talk about what the overall message of the shoot needs to be and get clarity on what story are they trying to tell with the images. There are always the standard shots that are must-haves, but what are the ones that go beyond the podium shot or the shot from the speaker's balcony to drive home the narrative.  
  • An hour and a half shoot time: This can be used for either a portrait session or an event (press conference, hearing, etc.) NOTE: At this, price point the shoot must be done in the DC metro area
  • Unlimited (sort of) usage of all final images: This is in perpetuity for up to two different entities. Additional licensing packages available upon request  

Contact me to add to your personal stock images now.